Leapfrog Ultra Children’s Tablet

Leapfrog Ultra Children’s Tablet

The leapfrog Ultra tablet is a small children’s tablet made and designed specifically for children aged 4-8.  This tablet is a large upgrade from the later Leapfrog 2.



  • Built kid tough outer skin 
  • 7 inch HD screen with a stylus 
  • WiFi with built in kid safe web browser
  • Apps include Photo Fun Ultra, Art Studio Ultra, Pet Pad Party, Utility Suite, Pet Chat and more.  
  • Peer-to-peer play allows students to interact with other kids in games, activities, reading, and much more through the internet
  • Front and back cameras that can take pictures and video  



These are the three colors of the Leapfrog Ultra, as seen the tablet has a simple design with a large colorful display that will catch children’s eyes. It is also built with thicker borders around the screen to help prevent breaks when kids drop them or hit them against something. The tablet is made to be easy to use, below is video review link by some children in the UK, showing how easy the tablet is to use for them.


Applications Are Everywhere

My favorite part of the Leapfrog Ultra is how it is backed up with Leapfrogs extensive library of awesome educational applications. While some of these applications can be pricey, the low cost of the tablet allows you to purchase more apps for the tablet. 

Leapfrog teams up with Discovery Channel and actual teachers to create children specific applications to learn about everything from space, reading, the ocean, and mathematics. This way you know your children are getting correct information and quality apps to get the most out of the application.

One specific application I want to point out is Launch Pad to Space. This app allows children to play space games, create your own spacecraft, learn constellations, and create curiosity for space.



 Potential Drawbacks

The only problems all these applications can have are the price. While the actual price of the tablet is only $149 dollars, applications can range from $10-$25 dollars per application. So in addition to purchasing the application, the school would have to set aside a range of funds for the applications, and then either install the applications themselves, or contact a computer personal/ and or leapfrog to install in bulk all these applications onto the Leapfrog Ultra

Final Verdict

This is a worth while investment for many schools with large numbers of children between the ages of 4-8. The Leapfrog Tablet can be used in almost any subject and used in many different ways. It has one of the largest libraries of kid friendly applications, while some of the application can be expensive, the low price of the tablet allows some schools wiggle room to purchase the more complex and educational applications.

It’s peer-to-peer compatibility allows students to interact with one another, or their teacher in games and activities, giving the tablet a more social interactiveness. 

This tablet is a 4.5 out of 5 star children’s tablet that can spice up learning for many children.




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