Andy Barnett’s Presentation

The Nexus 7 and Android Tablets in Education

Andy’s presentation was very eye opening on how much people over look android as an educational tablet. He made many great claims that made me reconsider how economical it is to use iPads instead of Android tablets.

Some of the things I thought that were better then the iPad were:

  • Price: The Nexus 7 costs $239 instead of $339, one hundred dollars cheaper, and it can do the same thing as the iPad
  • Classroom Management: The Nexus 7 allows teachers to purchase a software where they can monitor, and control what the students can use and see on their tablets, so it limits distractions, and allows more control over the classroom with the tablets.

If I had a question for Andy it would be, what types of classroom would you try to put these tablets in? Would every student have one? or would there be class sets that they would take out or check out when they were specifically needed? 

I think that the Nexus 7 can be an awesome educational tool for the classroom at all levels. While I do not believe that every student needs their own personal tablet, the school could have 3-5 carts of tablets, that can be rented out by the teacher for specific amounts of time. 



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