2nd Week of TAP Presentations

One of the presentations I really enjoyed was Kaitlyn’s AppleTV product.

I really liked the AppleTV because of its simplicity and because it is one of the products I can really see myself using in the classroom.

I love the simplicity of the AppleTV, the ability to use multiple iPads or iPhones in a quick switch is great for showing off different students work. While this product is mostly useful for classrooms that most or all students have iPads including the teacher. 

My question for Kaitlyn would be, what are the compared costs to other devices that may do the same as AppleTV? Is there more cost effective ways, or is this the only device for apple?

This tool can be effective in any kind of classroom. I would like to use it with an iPad, to be able to walk around the classroom and change slides, write on them, and work on worksheets and not have to sit in a chair while I do it. I like how this device allows me to be more mobile in the classroom. 


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