An Overview of TAP

During these last two weeks, I discovered a lot about my own TAP hardware, the LeapPad Ultra, as well as many other students TAP products. 

My favorite part of learning about all these new technology was finding new and creative products, that I may be able to teach with in the future. Many products such as iPads, and Prometheus boards, are broadly being used in almost every school in the nation now. These products and their ability to integrate so many different aspects of teaching into one device excites me for ways that I can use these own devices when I am a teacher.

Hopefully, in the next few years there is more technology readily available in classrooms, for all aged children in all types of classrooms. 

While some technology such as the Oculous rift, or the Geogebra software may not be the best products to use in a younger classroom for me, other technology such as the LeapPad Ultra, iPads, the Nexus 7, and other hands on tablets are part of the future of teaching hands on with technology in the classroom.


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