Nearpod iPad App Review

An interesting application for education I discovered recently is the app called Nearpod. This is an app that allows teachers to create, purchase, or use other teachers presentations, that go directly to their students iPads.


Nearpod allows teachers to control their students in class iPads. When students log into Nearpod the teacher can then choose the presentation they are going to use from their library, and go through the presentation, showing the image to the student.

The teacher has full control over the lesson, from inserting videos, questions, polls, pop up quizzes, to short answer segments. This can be used to directed to the students to make sure they are following along in the lesson and checking on how much they are understanding.

This app can be a very useful tool for any teacher that has a one to one iPad to student ratio in their classroom. The benefit of controlling what the students are seeing on the screen, to adding websites, mini quizzes and short answers can greatly improve individually reaching each student during a lesson, instead of hoping they are understand the presentation in a large group setting.


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