Khan Academy iPad Application Review

Khan Academy is an application on the iPad that brings the all the Khan Academy Youtube videos to a simply, easy to find place on the iPad.



Khan Academy is a program that has multiple videos on every kind of school subject in forms of short online blackboard classes. At first run by one man Salman Khan, who graduated MIT and Harvard Business school, he has created hundreds of videos teaching people the basic concepts, to even the most complex concepts of certain school subjects.

Subjects range from math, science, economics, finance, humanities, talks and interviews, computer programming. WIthin those subjects are even more detailed subjects, from foreign exchange and trade, to oxidation reduction in science.

Each video can range from five minutes to around 15 to 20 minutes long, depending on the content. What is awesome about the application is that it gives resources for other places that give information on the same topics. In addition, Khan Academy is created to be paired with online coaches, and be taught along with curriculm, or simply to help students at home when they are studying or doing homework.

As a future teacher I love this application for homework, or other times where I am not with the student. When students are doing homework they are usually on their own when they have a question on the content. With this application students can resort to Khan Academy to address their problems and give a more personal, self-paced approach to the concept.

Below is a lengthy, but very interesting video, on how Khan Academy is being implemented in the classroom, and across the world.

Link to where you can download the app on iTunes App store LINK


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