Duolingo iPad Application Review

This weeks interesting iPad application I have found is the language learning app for all ages, Duolingo. 

Doulingo is a iPad and iPhone application, created to help people other languages. Currently the languages available to learn are Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, Italian, and English. You create a profile and follow a set of levels and certificates to help you along the way. You can follow your progress by looking how much learning you have done on which day, how long it took, and what you need to improve on. 


Doulingo can either start off for complete beginners or those who are familiar with the language. You are given pictures combined with the words, as well as asking beginners to translate simple sentences in the beginning, forcing you to learn and think in real like reading, and in addition, speaking and voice recognition. 


Language teachers can use this app to accompany homework, having students perform tasks at home to help practice their language skills outside of the classroom. Students can work from where they have left off, at their own pace, and at their own level instead of the general level of the class. Students would also find this application more fun then simply homework because you are interacting with native speakers and matching words with pictures, and playing games.


The best thing about Doulingo is that it is absolutely FREE. There are no advertisements, an no subscription fee. THis is a great app for anyone who is a language teacher, or simply wants to learn a new language. You can follow your progress, play on the computer, iPad, or iPhone, making this a great language learning application for anyone wanting to learn a new language.

Here is the link where to download this awesome application HERE


3 responses to “Duolingo iPad Application Review

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  2. Nicely done, Sean. Since your focus is on elementary education, would this be an application you would use in your classroom? If so, which grade level or lesson would you think about using it in?

    • If I were including language learning in my classroom I feel like this application could be useful to either review, or begin activities, but not as a lesson. Maybe I would have the students work through one section for 10 minutes before the actual lessons to “warm up” their language skills to begin.

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