Technology Skill Development Reflection

Below is my original Technology Skill Development plan and for the most part I was able to stick with my plan. The only thing I switched up was instead of going to a UITS class I substituted that with another Lynda course.


For my technology development plan I took three Lynda course in which I thought would benefit me in my future classroom as well as topics that I had general interest in. The first course I took was Flipping the Classroom by Aaron Quigley. This was a very interesting course that helped give tips on how to implement a flipped classroom into your own classroom. It was interesting on how he explained that starting off you need to only do one lesson a week, and usually the easiest lesson of the week to help ease yourself as well as the other students with you into the flipped classroom. The video also did a good job giving ways to integrate the flipped classroom even when students at home do not have the necessary digital technology, such as printed out worksheets or small tasks to perform at home such as observing things around the house or the supermarket. 

The second course I took from Lynda was about SMARTBoard essential training by Steve Blatt. The main reason I took this course was because in my school district in Illinois we had a SMARTBoard in every classroom through high school and I saw some boards that were just uses as glorified projector screens, to very essential math tools in the classroom. I hoped that from this course I would be able to get a head start above other teachers in understand the effective ways to use a SmartBoard in a classroom as well as some of the basic functions that the technology has to offer. However, as much as I liked this course it was more about the basic functions of the SMARTBoard instead of the ways in which a teacher can effectively use this technology in the classroom. In addition, I feel that many of these techniques or applications will either be changed, or evolve into something completely different due to the speed at which new technology comes out now. Also, this course would have been the best to have taken in a physical classroom because then I would have been able to physically practice and work on a SmartBoard as I learned the content.


The third Lynda course I took was iPad Classroom: Apps for Educators by Aaron Quigley. This was a very interesting video about applications and functions of the iPad that can come in handy for classroom teachers. I chose this course because in our W310 course as well as the W210 course we spent a lot of time discovering new iPad applications that can benefit our classroom experience. This video was very interesting and helpful in discovering new applications that can be used effectively in my future classroom. While not all the applications I saw would be prevalent in the classroom I want to teacher (Kindergarten-2nd grade), It was interesting understanding the main functions of these apps. Aaron did a great job explaining how to work the app, as well as topics, lessons and activities that the apps could be used with. What most interested me were the applications that allowed for group collaborative work online such as google drive and Evernote. These applications may not be best suited for younger ages, but I can see them becoming more and more popular as the main method to collaboratively work on online work.

Overall, I am really glad I got to learn about this awesome resource called Lynda that Indiana allows students to use for free. It was very cool exploring topics that I took actual interest in and seeing how they could transfer into my future classroom. Even if some of the topics or technology change it is important to begin working on my professional technology skills as soon as possible to try and get a head start for my career as a classroom teacher.


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