Teaching and Learning Book Project

In this project I enjoyed learning about different ways to organize and run a classroom. I chose the flipped classroom model because it was the most interesting to me as well as the model I could most possibly use in my future classroom. All through my school experiences I had assumed that everyone did the same thing as me. I would go to school and learn what I needed to do, then do homework at home to strengthen my abilities. With this came the usual struggles of not paying much attention in class, mostly because the class moving to slow or too fast for me. Then when I got home it was hard to do the homework because I usually had questions that my mom or dad had difficulty helping with, or they were too busy to help. In the end I had not learned much of the content, and not practiced it as much either.


I saw this problem largely solved with the flipped classroom model. With this model students can now learn the content that they once learned at school, at home. Students can learn using online video lectures or online lectures/lessons to learn the content. This allows students to learn the content at the speed that suits them the best. If a student does not understand the content that is ok because they can come to the teacher during school and address them. Then during school time students work on homework assignments, projects, and activities that they would usually do at home. This allows students to not be afraid to ask questions or fail at some problems because the teacher as well as other students are there to help them through this.

Attached below is a PowToon video book trailer for the book Flipped Classroom, by Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams

In addition to my PowToon I also interview 7th grade math teacher Daniel Minde from West Liberal Middle school. Daniel has flipped three out of his four classrooms, and hopes to flip another class. Daniel’s story was very cool in that the administration came to him to test out this flipped classroom method. He took a class that was struggling the most and decided to flip it. The class before the flipped had an average of a 61%, and by the end had moved to a 72%. He loved integrating technology, he creates 10-15 minute videos for students to watch at home, and if they do not watch the videos and take a small quiz before class, they are not allowed to work on content for the day.

Daniel is a huge component for the flipped classroom method but was against first time teacher doing it their first semester or even their first year. He believed that teachers need to get their feet wet and teach and get to know their routine. While the flipped classroom is a lot of work to create the videos, the best way to approach this method is by lots of work, an administration that works with you, other teachers using the method, and parents that like it.

Finally, when asked about the difficulties of flipped classroom, mostly it is setting standards with students with the technology, and creating the videos for the first year. Once the videos are created from the first year, most can be reused, while others that only need to be edited or changed depending on their effectiveness. Daniel was an awesome resource and person to interview. He is a big component of flipped classroom models and a role model for other teachers who really care about their students and make a difference in their lives.

Below is a voice recording of our phone call interview, (phone call starts after the 20 second mark)

This project helped me explore different possibilities to how my classroom is run in the future. While there are some drawbacks to the flipped classroom model such as students not having access to the internet or technology at home. Daniel is a great resource who really wanted to inform me of real problems and solutions. He gave me great online tools that he uses as well as things that work better then others. He is a great role model for pre-service teachers that want to become flipped classroom teachers. I believe that the flipped classroom model is a very powerful tool that can be used by teachers, even if only for certain lesson. This experience really opened my eyes to certain topics that can benefit my future classrooms.


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