The Diffusion Game

Recently I was able to play through a small simulator called “The Diffusion Game”. Created by Indiana University, In this simulator you are simulating what it is like to try to get teacher and school staff to accept new innovation in their school. You have to make calculated simulations and many sometimes will not work. Simulations include having to talk to different people who work at the school, and trying to gain trust and confidence in bringing in new technology into the school. 


In my experience this is a game that is more then just a simply game. There has to be thought out decisions and you have to decide which options and people will work in winning the game. I found it very hard at first to decide which options would work best. Many decisions were based off of my small prior knowledge of who has the most say and knowledge. Some decisions were seeing who you could interview, or researching information on different people to understand them better and whether you needed to persuade them more then others.

The closest thing to the real thing of trying to convince a school to adopt new technology and the long processes that go with it, is this game. Right off the bat I was shocked at the amount of time simulated in the game. It came as a surprise that it would take two years to accomplish that work, but it shows the dedication and multiple pieces that need to be on board to innovate new tactics and technology into and classroom and a school.

I highly recommend this game to many CEL students as well as any future teachers, even if they are not going into the CEL field, to understand the process of having a school accept new innovations.




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