Ed.Ted.com Review

Recently I have discovered a great technology tool that can benefit teachers that have a flipped classroom, or would like to easy into a flipped classroom model. This technology tool is ed.ted.com, and is a tool that allows you to flip any Ted Talk, Ted Ed Original, or YouTube Video.



The teacher can take any video or slideshow presentation and add resources, simple quizzes, narration, add other links, and have a place for students to have a discussion. In addition, the teacher can see how many students have seen the lesson, when they completed it, how far they got, and if they answered questions, as well as the answer to those questions.

Personally I think this is a fantastic idea for flipped classrooms. While there is much more that goes on for a flipped classroom, this could be one of many tools that work collaboratively with other tools. I really like the idea that teachers can monitor if their students have completed the lesson as well as what questions they answer, and what answers they gave. In addition, the ability for students to have a discussion within the lesson is very convenient. If students are having trouble with the lesson they can  discuss with their peers, without having to leave the lesson. Another compliment that I can give this app is that it is for both laptops and iPads, and is completely free for students and teachers. For many school districts that are flipping classrooms they are already spending lots of money on either provide mobile tablets or laptops for students, so one less cost can be very important on a schools budget.

While it seems like am in love with this app I cannot completely back it as the end-all-be-all for flipping the classroom apps. Reviews from emergingtech.com talks about the app having very good ideas, however, being glitchy and working great sometimes, and slow the other times.

I hope that when teachers use this app they use it as an additional help, not as the main focus of their flipped classroom. Teachers should ease into this app, using it for specific lessons and videos that would benefit the students the most, and not get trigger happy and use it for everything right off the bat.

Hopefully over time the application will grow and update with more features as well as bug fixes. All in all, I would recommend teachers at least test out and look to use this in their classrooms even if it is not flipped as a way to differentiate their classrooms for their students.

Visit Ed.Ted.Com and watch This Video on how Ed.Ted.Com lessons work!


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