Flipping the Classroom: Technology and Management Resources

Lately many teachers have been trying to flip their classrooms. For those who do not know, flipping the classroom is a teaching technique that has students do most of the “homework” portion of school at school, and the lecture and content learning at home. The reasoning behind this method is that students work on learning the content at home and at their own pace. Lessons are usually done using some sort of technology. At school students then have more time to work on the practice of the information or application of that information.

For this blog I will show two different management systems and a teaching technique that go along with a 6th grade math classroom. This classroom we assume will have one to one iPad’s for students, and that the students have internet and are allowed to bring iPads home if they do not have technology readily available at home.

vision_pro REAL


The first management system that I want to go over is Vision Pro by Netop. This is a software that can be purchased by the school and done on laptops, iPads, and iPhones. The software allows for teachers to upload any kind of media, from PDF’s, to videos, power points, etc. From there, teachers can create quizzes and tests that can be automatically graded, providing real-time data of the students scores. Teachers can also create discussions, class sites, and online resources for students to do lessons at home.

I enjoy this application because it uses very up to date data and statistics of students scores. The ability to use many different types of assessment questions such as multiple choice, open ended and others helps teachers create good online tests and shows very good data on how the students are doing. The only thing I would worry about for this software is that the iPad application is still pretty new, and has no reviews on the application. In addition, teachers must create their own content or use others for students to learn instead of having content, videos, or lessons, readily available. I would want to see how this software progresses and hear from teachers first hand how well this software works in a flipped classroom.

The next software that is helpful for teachers is a similar application that is on the opposite spectrum of what Vision Pro covered, is Khan Academy. Khan Academy is a FREE online lesson resources, that has thousands of how to videos on all different school subjects. The lessons are in video format, with writing, text, and audio. In the Khan Academy, teachers can assign videos and lessons to students, such as 6th grade math lessons, or on different subjects. Students can work through the lessons at their own pace, and go back to the videos anytime they need help. The difference between this resource and Vision Pro is that vision pro is a paid application, but allows students to to take quizzes, tests, discuss, and see many different formats of flipped lessons. However, what Khan Academy lacks in data analysis of the students, it makes up for in amazing online lessons that students love.

I do not think there is a better of the two because they both cover different parts of the flipped classroom process. Vision Pro covers the data analysis and preparation of the online lessons, while Khan Academy uses great online lessons that ca be reused by the teachers. However, if you are a teacher that is just starting off with a flipped classroom, I would reccomend Khan Academy because you can simply link the youtube videos to students and can use them to reinforce a lesson or teach students a completely new topic

If you are interested in learning more about how a flipped classroom works and what methods other teachers use, visit This Website to learn more


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