Library Media Must Haves

In the 21st Century there are now many different tools that libraries are using to bring more resources and ease for people to find information easier. In this post I am going to concentrate on the libraries that I have been using at Indiana University as an example of what libraries are doing that are helping out students. Here I do not want to focus on simply one use of technology, but multiple little pieces that help make the experience at a college library, high-school or public libraries easier for the user.


One technology that Indiana offers to all students is a free 100 Gb account to, this new technology helps students take their work with them to any computer lab or internet connection they have. It provides a cheap alternative to a flash drive that is also more reliable because multiple different documents and media files can be stored. With the huge leap of digital information and accessibility of computers on campus, this service is a very useful and smart idea that many universities as well as college prep/ high schools should look into.

IU mobile


Another new technology that is associated with Indiana University Libraries is the IU mobile application. This application probably has everything an Indiana University student needs to survive at school. This application is used to send people to different classroom sources, Box at IU, the Library catalog, advising meetings, textbook orders, IU caledner, and hundreds of other uses. One of my favorite and most used parts of this application is the computer availability portion. I can look at all the libraries and see which computer labs are open, and how many computers are open or not open in each building. If I do not have a computer or have to print something off quickly I can pull out this app and check the different libraries around campus for help.

I personally love this application for what it tries to provide, but sometimes it falls short. Many times the application has simply to many things and will crash, or will simply bring you to the non-mobile version of a website. What I hope in the future is that the application focuses on smaller things instead of everything you would ever need at Indiana. Cutting out useless applications such as faculty annual report, health savings, or the housing RA position wait list. While this application is not solely used for the library system, many of the applications take the weight and stress off libraries such as the book catalog, where I can search up a book on my phone and it will show me where that book is at on campus.

I hope that college libraries will take these ideas and begin to implement them to keep up with the students constant need for instant information. A library mobile application can increase productivity as well as students confidence and ability to use their library system, hopefully improving students learning and ability to find resources.


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