Virtual Tour of a Tech School

With more and more schools using technology they must also redesign their classrooms and schools to coexist with the new technology. With technology comes the need for power outlets, large group work areas, and a structured Wifi Connection. However, I think it is just as important to set up the classrooms for the technology to fit in. With technology comes individual as well as lots of group work. In this blog I want to provide resources on how to create very open and group oriented classrooms that incorporate technology.

The kind of school I am going to explain is a theoretical school, but most of the layouts and methods are similar to that of the Project School in Bloomington Indiana, for more information on this school you can visit their school website. Below is a linked presentation done on ExplainEverything that shows some examples of designs of classrooms and schools that work together with technology integration.

I hope this virtual tour was helpful to those who want to set up their classrooms to allow for technology. I think that the open spaces, the group supplies, and the group oriented workspaces are very important for teaching. It is also very important that the technology given to students are suited for the age and grade level.

Listed below are the Sources of my images from my presentation


Classroom Setup

Classroom Setup Creator

Slide 4




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