Music and Movement in the Classroom: Professional Development Workshop

Dancing Kindergarteners


In the younger age classrooms music and movement are very powerful ways to engage and teach students. Below is an outline of of a 45 minute professional development workshop to help incorporate music and movement into your Pre-k, Kindergarten, first grade and second grade classrooms.

Overview of the Workshop

Participants will come into the workshop and we will watch a video of kindergarten classrooms that use music and movement in their classroom to introduce the benefits that music integration has on a classroom.

After the video the presenter will go over the benefits of integrating music into a general education classroom. Some of these benefits include:

  • Playing music sets a positive mood for different parts of the day. Different types of music can be used for different activities. Faster tempo for more active moments, or slow calming music for reading or quiet work time.
  • Music can be used to gain students attention quickly instead of raising the teachers voice.
  • Music can be used to signal changes in the day, such as when to change stations, the change of subjects, or other transition periods
  • Music and movement can be used as a learning tool to remember different facts or procedures such as cleaning, rules, the alphabet, etc.

Once the instructor is done presenting the information on the benefits of music in the classroom, the class will be divided into four different groups, relating to the benefits of music. The four groups will be:

  1. Mood Setting Music
  2. Attention Grabbing Music
  3. Transition Music
  4. Learning Songs and Movement with Music

Each group will do a jigsaw activity, where they will become experts in their category or group, and then teach/share with rest of the class about their topic. Each group with create a Glogster, a virtual poster board, where they will post their video, picture, and resource findings on. Then we will all come together and present the Glogsters to the class for others to learn from.

At the end the groups will link Glogsters to a google document where they can reach later to take home different Glogster posters of resources they could use in their own classrooms.

Below is a PDF lesson plan that can be used to present this Professional Development workshop to others. The PDF lesson contains:

  • Purpose and Goals
  • Audience and Participants
  • Presenter Checklist
  • A Agenda/Timeline
  • A Script
  • Promotional Materials
  • Budget
  • Classroom Setup
  • Resources and Additional Resources

Professional Development PDF File


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