Book Critique of Primary Schools and ICT: Learning from Pupil Perspective

For my book review and critique I read “Primary Schools and ICT: Learning from Pupil Perspectives” by Neil Selwyn, John Potter, and Sue Cranmer. A little summary about the book, the whole book covers a large study done in the United Kingdom about what students think about ICT. ICT stands for information and communication technology, and the whole study asks students what they think about it, how they use it, what kind of technology do they use with it, and what can be done to use it better in schools. Below is a video about a norwegian school that explains ICT and how it helps our schools.

The book goes over five important things:

  • The United Kingdom Study on ICT from a students perspective
  • The Pressures and tensions of having to implement ICT in schools and doing it correctly
  • Promises and problems that schools have living up to societies views on how ICT works in schools
  • Results on the UK study and how they can use a learners perspective to better understand using ICT
  • Suggestions for changing ICT in Primary Schools

Some of the most important things that I took away from this book was on what students perspectives were on Information and Communication Technology in the classroom. What I liked about this book is that they gave you the information in a way that you can take without a bias. The first thing the book talks about is that the biggest thing they found was that students use computers the most to play Club Penguin, an online social media site where you are a penguin and socialize with other people. Some other interesting facts that the book talked about that I thought were important was that most students, upward to 67%, have the most ICT use at school, especially in group work. This shows us that most students use ICT for communicative properties and social interaction. Most of the students perspectives on ICT is that they use it for “boring” thing such as word processing. When the data shows us that most of the students enjoy and use ICT for social networking and gameplay, that means that we should change our approach to better suite what students enjoy about ICT, like group work and social connection, instead of using it for things that students do not find interesting.

I personally liked this book because of how honest it was with the data as well as giving great ideas on how to create a better environment of ICT in your school. It did not exactly tell you how to run it, but gave data and explanations of who students thought. I really like how it pushed for teachers and school officials to work very closely with students on what kind of ICT they use, when they use it, and how they are using the ICT.

I would recommend this book to any teacher that is struggling using ICT in their own classroom as well as any teacher that wants to use ICT in their classroom to build a better classroom environment. It provides useful knowledge on opinions from real students that have used technology on what they want in their classrooms. It also gives very helpful hints on how to work with your own students to see how they can use ICT in the classroom the most effective way.

Below is a presentation on Haiku deck that describes some of my points

To find more information about the book Primary Schools and ICT: Learning from Pupils Perspectives click HERE 


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