Reflection Week February 8th-12th

This week we did not have too much time to work on an technology skill, but we were able to get some practice on an ISTEP website to get used to online testing and using our iPads as well as taking tests online.

Next week we will revisit Google Forms, and then input our Google forms onto our Google websites. This will help build up their online digital profiles.

We are working on developing curriculum on introducing Dot and Dash to introduce basic coding and problem solving.


2 responses to “Reflection Week February 8th-12th

    • As a class we started with basic coding from for students to get the basic understanding of the idea of computer programming, and how we can give certain commands to have a robot perform them for us. We started having students doing problem solving task, however, did not have much time due to ISTEP and other standard skills that we needed to finish by the end of the year. The students that are helping with STEM night at our school will be showing students Dash and Dot using the “blockly” app, which uses block coding like in to have dash perform the operations

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